17th – 18th July 2017
Rejkavik School of Visual Arts

Organisers and Supporters

#Net_Hack Challenge will be organised by The Centre for Sustainable Design ® (CfSD) at University for the Creative Arts at Reykjavik School of Visual Arts on 18th July 2017. #Net_Hack Challenge is supported by CfSD, Innovation Center Iceland, Reykjavik School of Visual Arts School of Visual Arts (RSVA) and Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI).

Circular Ocean is an award winning European funded project aimed at identifying solutions to the problem of waste fishing nets and ropes (FNRs) through the development of new products from waste FNRs. The Centre for Sustainable Design (CfSD) www.cfsd.org.uk at UCA Farnham is a partner in Circular Ocean. CfSD is a world leading research and training centre established in 1995 focused on sustainable innovation and product sustainability.

On the evening of 17th October the #Net-Hack_Challenge will be introduced at Innovation Center Iceland, followed by networking. On 18th October an innovation workshop will be organised at Reykjavik School of Visual Arts  School of Visual Arts by CfSD incorporating a series of creative, fun and innovative processes based on Professor Charter’s unique GreenThink process. Teams will work throughout the day to develop Solutions to a series of Challenges set by external experts. At the end of the day, groups will present their concepts to an expert judging panel who will give their professional feedback.

It is important to register for #Net-Hack_Challenge if you wish to attend. To register, download the registration form and email rcarruthers@uca.ac.uk

For event details see : http://cfsd.org.uk/projects/circular-ocean/icelandconference/