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Marketing’s Role in Corporate Strategy & CSR
This links to the full text of an article entitled: “Ecological Sustainability and Marketing Strategy: Review and Implications”.
The site provides a range of business sustainability information.
A variety of CSR news, information and links are provided on the site.
Information on Social Accountability International (SAI) and the SA8000 standard
The sie provides details on the EC strategy paper on CSR (July 2002).

The site highlights a range of information on business sustainability issues.
Information on ethical business principles.
Provides background information on the UN Global Compact
Provides information on the Global Sullivan Principles
Background information on the Coalition for Environmental Responsible Economies, (CERES)

WRI is an environmental think tank that goes beyond research to find practical ways to protect the earth and improve people's lives.
A range of information related to sustainability management systems including 'state of the art' research.
Useful information on the business case for sustainability.

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) is a global nonprofit organisation that helps companies achieve commercial success in ways that respect ethical values, people, communities and the environment.
European business network for CSR including “A European Roadmap for Businesses: Towards Sustainable and Competitive Enterprise”
Publishes Boycott Action News, listings of current corporate boycotts.
A paper highlighting five simple lessons for approaching green marketing decisions. Corporate Environmental Strategy, Autumn 1998.
An article that discusses that it is not enough to just "be green"; consumers demand a commitment to sustainability throughout a company's operations. Communicating environmental initiatives wisely can help companies "be seen to be green."
The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a coalition of 150 international companies on the achievement of sustainable development via the three pillars of economic growth, ecological balance and social progress.
GEMI provides a range of information on achieving EHS excellence, economic success, and corporate citizenship.
Set up in 1998 to provide a reference on the business case, best practice and measurement methodologies and encompassing all aspects of corporate social responsibility.
The Green Business letter is the leading information source for companies, associations, universities, and others striving to integrate environmental thinking throughout their organisations in profitable ways.
Corporate critic is a database containing information on the behaviour of over 30,000 companies.
Global guide to business and sustainable development from the IISD
Includes research on a number of issues including governance and the business case for SD.

The Marketing Environment
The institute is dedicated to fostering the evolution of an environmentally-sustainable society - one in which human needs are met in ways that do not threaten the health of the natural environment or the prospects of future generations.
The Environmental Magazine provides a range of 'green' information.
IFG provides a range of information on economic globalization. provides on Internet gateway into the issues of population, poverty, health, consumption and the environment.

A multimedia resource covering a range of environmental and social issues.
Gateway to information on living a more healthy, socially and environmentally sustainable life.
National non-profit public interest organisation focused on openness and democratic accountability in government, for the right of consumers to seek redress in the courts; for clean, safe and sustainable energy sources; for social and economic justice in trade policies. highlights the work of progressive journalists, writers, artists and activists.
This is the collective of independent media organisation and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage.
Data on range of corporate activities.
Monitors transnational corporations and their social, ecological, and economic impacts.
The Rainforest Action Network provides information on tropical rainforests and the human rights of those forests.
Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organisation.
FOE is an international environmental group including programme information on environmental impacts of globalisation.
The Sierra Club is a US grassroots conservation organisation whose its goal is the exploration, enjoyment and protection of the wild places of the Earth.
A web site for individuals who are interested in endangered species.
The activities of the Forest Stewardship Council is highlighted in this site.
A research, education, and action centre building bridges between grassroots movements in the US and Third World.
Amnesty International is a world-wide campaigning movement that works to promote all the human rights.
Oxfam International is an international confederation of 11 autonomous non-government organisations.
Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world.
The site provides the full text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Provides a range of information on third world debt.
Mother Jones is an independent, non-profit magazine that focuses on issues of social justice, the environment, politics, and popular culture.
Ruckus is a training ground for activists.
Details of European environmental legislation
Integrated information on the state of the planet from the UNEP
Key environmental data and targets for the UK.

Marketing Ethics
UK consumer organisation examining the social and environmental records of the companies behind the brands.
Major survey on trends in ethical consumerism in the UK.
Information on ethical business principles.
Background information on the Ethical Trading Initiative
The site provides a variety of information on fair trade.
The Fairtrade Foundation exists to ensure a better deal for marginalised and disadvantaged third world producers.
Worker-owned co-operation dedicated to fair trade with small-scale coffee farmers in the developing world.
Ethical Junction is a one-stop shop for ethical trading.
Details of current UK consumer boycotts.
Gateway to the ethical sector for people in the UK and Ireland

Consumers & Professional Purchasers
The most comprehensive academic piece of work on sustainability and consumers comes from Professor Tim Jackson’s definitive review “Motivating Sustainable Consumption”
A report on “Consumer Power” looking at the relationship between consumers, the environment and companies from Rand Corporation, a non-profit institution that provides research and analysis related to policy.
UK Government report on sustainable production and consumption.
UNEP page on sustainable consumption
UNEP international survey on youth attitudes to consumption and sustainability
International Institute for Sustainable Development’s overview on sustainable production and consumption.
This is a link to the European Round Table on Sustainable Production and Consumption.
Article by Jacquelyn Ottman on targeting green consumers.
A survey on 'Green Behaviour - Sustainable Trends, Sustainable Lives?'
This project is concerned with the behaviour of consumers and producers who are willing to pay more to protect the environment.
An article on green consumerism - "Can green consumerism stop the ecological crisis".
An describing basic lessons about green consumerism; written as a response to a Wall Street Journal article "Green' Pitch isn't Selling My Products."
The Green Consumer Guide
Highlights information on consumer campaigns and issues covering a variety of topics, including the environment.
This course includes information on 'green' consumerism, and an assessment of consumer attitudes and buying behaviour related to environmental issues.
Eco-efficient purchasing and factors to consider
A guide to green products and services.
Details of current UK consumer boycotts.
This links to an article which asks, ‘whatever happened to green consumers?’.
Consumers International, dedicated to promoting and protecting consumers' rights.
Resources and directories for ethical purchasing.
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) is a US programme that encourages and assists Executive agencies in the purchasing of environmentally preferable products an services.
A report on suppliers’ attitudes towards greening the supply chain.
Shows Starbucks pressurising suppliers to improve environmental performance.
McDonald's pressurising farmers over treatment of hens.
Details from PPRC on supply chain management for environmental improvement.
Information to help U.S. state and local governments and other large purchasers
incorporate environmental considerations into their purchasing.
An association of 66 environmental, consumer, and human rights groups from
25 countries that supports ecolabeling and seeks to ensure that consumers
have the information they need to purchase more sustainable products.
Comprehensive source of information on green purchasing. Database includes
green contract language and specifications, voluntary standards and
guidelines, and other practical information.
A network that aims to bring together governments, businesses, and other
purchasers to promote sustainable innovation and competitiveness along the
entire supply chain.
NGO coalition that aims to strengthen environmental and social provisions
in EU procurement policies, including consideration of environmental,
health, and labour impacts.
A New York-based consulting firm that helps Fortune 500 companies and top
government agencies green their procurement and operations.
An independent organization that certifies and promotes green products and
services and works with manufacturers, industry, purchasing groups, and
governments to green the production and purchasing chain.
A research organization that provides information on ways to reduce the
environmental impacts of the U.S. economy through improved product design
and greener purchasing.
Offers a wide range of information on green purchasing in Europe. Includes
links to the Buy-It-Green Network of municipal purchasers as well as to
success stories, recommendations, and ongoing projects.
An association of some 2,700 organizations, including corporations,
government authorities, and environmental and consumer groups,
promoting green purchasing in Japan.
Information about state efforts to buy green products, including useful
guides and reports as well as contracts for purchasing recycled products
and other goods.
Aims to build North American markets for renewable energy and other green
products and to facilitate green trade through ecolabeling and green
A source of information on coordinating and promoting green public
purchasing in industrial countries.
A cooperative of U.S. businesses and public institutions using combined
purchasing power to encourage suppliers to offer affordable recycled paper and
other products.
Offers information and links relating to UN and other global efforts to promote sustainable

Market Research
The report gives an overview of recent research related to sustainability with implications for marketing. It is part of the Sustain project that is being organised by UNEP and ESOMAR.
Research report undertaken with UK consumers on attitudes towards sustainable consumption
World-wide survey conducted in 2001 covering attitudes towards environmental and globalization issues.
A survey on 'Green Behaviour - Sustainable Trends, Sustainable Lives?'
International Mori poll on attitudes towards environmental regulations.
This links to an article published by Mori on corporate social responsibility and reputation.
Major survey on trends in ethical consumerism in the UK.
Provides results of a range of surveys on environmental attitudes.
Includes a range of environmental survey information. 
Survey of US consumers environmental concerns including global warming
A survey of US citizens on attitudes towards 'Corporate America'
Australian Consumer Association testing results and reports
This project is concerned with the behaviour of consumers and producers who are willing to pay more to protect the environment.
An article on green consumerism - "Can green consumerism stop the ecological crisis".
Information on UNEP's Youth and Sustainable Consumption programmes.
A report covering The Green Challenge - The Market for Eco Friendly Products.
This 'Just Business' web site provides information and activities about global and ethical issues for students and teachers of Business Studies and Economics.
Research into growth of ethical investment market.

Products, Design & NPD
The most definitive academic study concerning the environmental impacts of household products comes from the EIPRO project, an Institue for Prospective Technologies Study/European Science and Techonology Observatory project led by Arnold Tukker.
Report of UK Advisory Committee on Consumer Products and the Environment
Market Transformation Programme supporting UK government policy on sustainable
Thematic Network on Sustainable Product-Services
Sustainable product design e-learning page including video presentation by Professor Martin Charter
The Journal of Sustainable Product Design (online journal)

Sustainable Innovation Report, 18th July 2002, The Surrey Institute, Farnham, UK
Download report - Sustainable Innovation 1

Sustainable Innovation Report, 19th November 2002, The Surrey Institute, Farnham, UK
Download report - Sustainable Innovation 2

Sustainable Innovation Report, 6th December 2002, The Surrey Institute, Farnham, UK
Download report - Sustainable Innovation 3
A workshop summary on Marketing, Design and Environment including information on; eco-efficiency, and new product development.
A workshop summary on Marketing, Design and Environment including information on; societal pressures, buyer behaviour, organisational dynamics and managing eco-design.
Article covering the design of a greener product: the Hoover "New Wave" washing machine range.

Provides details of products that meet the highest environmental, social and animal-friendly standards.
Provides a range of information on green products.
Multi-disciplinary research and education on environmental management and 'design for environment'.
Highlights environmentally friendly products.
The Ecosustainable hub provides a range of links to green sites - of particular interest is likely to be the 'product, services and technologies' section.
A range of information on 'producer responsibility' issues.
This sample chapter decribes a number of green product initiatives that illustrate the power of "green" to bring innovation to businesses.
The U.S. Department of Energy - Design for Environment (DfE) project.
Centre for Design, RMIT Australia
Carnegie Mellon Green Design Institute
GED Net, Global Type III Environmental Products Declarations Network
Provides information on products and information which promote healthier and more environment-friendly buildings.
Australian Consumer Association. Disposal of computers
Environmental issues of PVC
This article highlights specific strategies for designers to use green innovations in a provocative and profitable way.
This speech transcript describes nature as a powerful source of creative inspiration for eco-innovation.
A program run by Natural Resources Canada that provides energy ratings for
appliances and energy efficiency information.
A program sponsored by the U.S. EPA that sets energy-efficiency standards for computers, monitors, printers, and other appliances and certifies green buildings.

Packaging & Labelling
INCPEN co-ordinates a network of over 40 trade associations that represent more than 85% of companies in the packaging chain.
This Guide is intended to assist those involved in placing packaged goods on the market to understand the effect of the Regulations.
NRF is a not-for-profit organisation bringing together industry, manufacturers, retailers, local authorities, private and public sector institutions, and the voluntary sector to promote the principles of waste reduction, re-use and recycling.

PET Container Recycling Europe, is a non-profit association aims to facilitate the economical recovery of plastic containers through collection, reclamation and development of end uses for post-consumer bottles.

BIR is an international trade federation representing the world’s recycling industry, covering in particular ferrous and non-ferrous metals, paper and textiles.

This website contains information for commercial, industrial and all other organisations that are affected by the EU-Directive on packaging waste

Duales System Deutschland AG organises the collection, sorting and recycling of packaging in line with the specifications of the Packaging Ordinance with the support of 416 waste management partners in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Recycling information page including packaging labels explained for consumers.

Repak is an approved not-for-profit limited company established under a voluntary agreement between Industry and and local government.

The nationwide compliance scheme for the packaging waste regulations. is a dedicated website for businesses, local government and community groups involved in sustainable waste, recycling and waste management.
UK Government information on environmental labels including a “Shopper’s Guide to Green Labels”
UK Government guide to European Ecolabel
US report on reducing transport packaging.
A national ecolabeling program that awards its EcoLogo to products that
meet specific guidelines.
A voluntary scheme to help consumers in Europe identify officially approved
green products.
A nonprofit network of ecolabeling organizations worldwide.
A third-party certifier of the food industry and of the environmentally sound management of forests, marine habitats, and manufacturing-related businesses

Promotion & Communications UNEP/Global Compact/Utopies Report "Talk the Walk - Advancing Sustainable Lifestyles through Marketing & Communications"
The report provides an overview of the sustainability impacts of, and opportunities for, the advertising industry.
CEO Magazine article highlighting the importance of getting green marketing communications right.
Adbusters magazine highlights the work of an alternative global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators, and entrepreneurs.
An article entitled 'Strange Bedfellows: Advertising and the Green Consumer'.

Green Seal provides information on the purchase and production of environmentally responsible products and services.
The European Environmental Communication Network.
This article examines the history and status of environmental marketing claims, and the enforcement activities of the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") in this arena.
This site provides the US FTC’s details of guidelines for the use of environmental marketing claims.
Guide for the use of environmental marketing claims.
UNEP's Advertising and Communication Forum with information on previous meetings.

Pricing & Distribution
This project is concerned with the behaviour of consumers and producers who are willing to pay more to protect the environment.
Presentation on road pricing and sustainability.
Pricing policy and water resources.
Energy pricing and sustainability.
A briefing paper on the costs of sustainability.
UN report on sustainable transport pricing and charges.
The UK’s Sustainable Distribution Strategy
The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport’s sustainable distribution forum.
Paper on performance measurement in sustainable distribution systems.
US report on reducing transport packaging.

People in Marketing
The National Labor Committee's mission is to educate and actively engage the US public on human and labour rights abuses by corporations.
Business for Social Responsibility’s resources on workplace diversity.
Contains a wide range of practical articles on customer service including how to create a customer service culture and protect employees from bullying or workplace violence.
Short article on justice in the workplace.
This is a non-profit organisation that supports and verifies licensee compliance with production codes of conduct.
This is a coalition of labor, community, civil rights, immigrant rights, women's, religious, and student organisations, and individuals, committed to eliminating sweatshop conditions in the global garment industry.
Europe-based campaign to promote fair labour practices in the apparel industry.
Canadian-based international group formed to raise awareness of child labor and raise funds to create alternatives.
Anti-Slavery International is the world's oldest international human rights organisation, working exclusively against slavery and related abuses.
The International Labour Organisation is a specialised UN agency which seeks the promotion of social justice and internationally recognised human and labour rights.

Introduction to Marketing & SD

Smart: Knownet's Marketing and Sustainability Booklet

Smart: Knownet's Marketing and Sustainability Web Companion
An introduction to Green Marketing by Michael Jay Polonsky.
Online edition of Jacquelyn Ottman’s book ‘Green Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation’
Sustainable Marketing: An Overview by Donald Fuller
Gives details of Greener Marketing (1st edition) edited by Martin Charter.
Provides information on Greener Marketing - A Global Perspective on Greening Marketing Practice edited by Martin Charter and Michael Jay Polonsky.

Case Study Examples
A wide selection of cases linked to the online edition of Jacquelyn Ottman’s online book ‘Green Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation’.
Gives information on Fuji Xerox’s environmental management programmes.
Provides information on Patagonia – environmentally conscious makers of quality outdoor clothing.
This links to Business in the Community’s extensive bank of case studies.
The homepage of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development provides a link to a diverse range of case studies. Interesting examples include:
The Sigma Project provides case studies of partner organisations incorporating the principles of sustainable development into their business operations, including:
The CBI and Article 13 have come together to profile companies who are doing innovative work in terms of corporate social responsibility. Case study material is downloadable in PDF format for 3M, Marks and Spencer, Smiths Aerospace, and Unilever. Links are also available to other organizations featured previously on this page, including Sainbury’s, Kingfisher PLC, Anglo American and Sky.
A case study of Kettleby Foods and their environmental policy.
A case study of the Day Chocolate Company.
Provides information on Gossypium a retailer of organic and fairly traded clothing.
Provides information on Cafedirect, the UK’s largest Fair Trade hot drinks company.
Green Products Alliance is a consortium of manufacturers and marketers who make and sell natural personal care products.
Provides information on Suma Wholefoods, the UK’s largest independent wholesaler and distributor of quality vegetarian, fairly traded, organic and natural foods.
The Case Studies listed on this page are largely symbolic. They are intended to stimulate discussion on Sustainability in Western Australia. The Case Studies provide a simple outline of activities that are bringing Western Australia closer to sustainability. Western Australian University students, engaged in sustainability studies, have prepared the Case Studies. This has provided an opportunity for cooperation between government and higher education to achieve a common goal. The case tudy index icludes the main headings of government, mining, agriculture and conservation, education, community,energy, housing and construction and industry and technology.
Case study search from the Business Case Matrix contains several hundred case studies from emerging markets around the world. The database describes companies of different sizes and from different industry, outlining the sustainability actions (environmental, social and governance) they have undertaken and the business benefits they have experienced as a result. The Matrix summarises the results from across these different companies.
Sustainable Business Awards for the South East 2003 Case Study - Country Lanes Company Background Established in 1993, Country Lanes is a small, rural enterprise with an innovative approach to tourism.
These case studies use successful examples of local environmental and development management to present key concepts for implementing sustainable development at the local level. Examples are from all over the globe. Key replication aspects are abstracted and contacts are provided, as well as a short bibliography for further research.
Envirowise Case studies are produced to show waste management in action within an organisation. Each case study gives savings generated, which are independently audited, useful tips and pointers to further help. Use the options below to open the full list or filtered by industry, topic or local area.
Slected Case Studies in Sustainable Business feature Steelcase, Designtex, and Röhmer Companies. Designtex, a subsidiary of Grand Rapids based office furniture manufacturer Steelcase Inc., made a decision to produce a different kind of upholstery fabric. The Swiss textile firm Röhmer, which had been supplying Designtex with a traditional upholstery material, was spending considerable money shipping their textile scraps to Spain for landfill as well as using expensive water pollution equipment to release their effluent back into a nearby Swiss river. Production of the new fabric required only 38 benign chemicals rather than hundreds of compounds with a variety of toxicity that had been used to make the original fabric.
21 Full story Case Studies: Making the business case for going green icluding Nike, adidas, and the Pentland Group that aims to improve worker conditions, Marks & Spencer corporate responsibility performance and the sustainable re-design of Ford's River Rouge Factory in the US, and the cost savings to be made from sustainable manufacturing.
Case studies from the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). written by Mark Surman and focussing on Building Sustainable Electronic Networks.
Business Case Studies and individuals who are committed to work toward a more sustainable future including An Oregon Perspective on Business & Sustainability by Sarah Severn, Director of Corporate Sustainable Development for Nike and a piece about Tree of Life Nursery started by June Davis to provide an adequate supply of native vegetation for restoring riparian areas in Oregon and the Northwest.
This section looks at the special issues facing business on the road to sustainability. Tools and techniques are presented along with examples of leadership and case studies featuring Examples of companies that have accepted the challenge to operate more sustainably - with welcome results for the bottom line such as the Rocky Mountain Innitative.
Friends of the Earth corporate case studies featuring a piece on mining company Anglo American who has worked hard to create an image of a responsible corporation but in case study 1 of the UKplc in Latin America (PDF†) a different image is portrayed. Also includes pieces on Cadbury, BH Billiton, Barclays and BP.
This site looks at Water Use, Impact, and Source Assessment, Business Risk Assessment and Business Opportunity Assessment with case studies of the companies Coca Cola, Kodak, Proctor and Gamble and Dupont.
The Case Studies project is part of the GVRD Sustainable Region Initiative (SRI). The purpose of the case studies project is to provide "made in the region" examples of projects that are helping to advance sustainability. The site has documented over 50 exciting projects. Together they cover a range of social development, community building, and environmental restoration and enhancement activities. Case studies include an eco-efficiency assessment of Rocky Point prawn farm, Coles Supermarkets on-factory environmental management system to ISO 14001 standards and the partnership between the Cairns Crocodile Farm and Mulgrave Central Mill demonstrating how industries can work together to create solutions that provide both economic and environmental benefits.
Envolve presents case studies of businesses who have completed projects using sustainable practice icluding Case Study from BMT Defence Services Ltd reducing the impact of office waste and staff commuting, Horstman Defence Systems Ltd reducing the costs of compressed air delivery, John Wainwright & Co. Ltd. energy efficiency programme, environmental management and Severnprint Limited combining the best in printing and environmental measures.
The Imperial Tobacco of today is an international, multicultural business with products sold in over 130 countries. These case studies feature challenges of behaving responsibly and growing sustainably in Madagascar and the Ukraine.
Five Winds International help clients manage the risks and capitalize on the opportunities created by sustainable development. They give acess to a number of case studies icluding CSR: Lessons Learned Case Study, DuPont Canada Case Study, The Home Depot Case Study, Husky Injection Molding Case Study, Marine Harvest Canada Case Study, Syncrude Canada Ltd. Case Study, Teck Cominco Case Study, TELUS Case Study, VanCity Case Study and Weyerhaeuser Case Study.
The following case studies show how a range of industries have implemented projects or overall corporate strategies that profit from the synergies of energy efficiency, pollution prevention, process efficiency, and increased productivity. Includes companies using aluminium recycling, scrap metal recycling, re-engineered fertilizer production, water use and dyebath reuse.
The following case studies describe how businesses have employed various technologies to reduce energy costs. Featur ing ford, Stanten Island University Hospital and the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. Country Energy have an increasing portfolio of success stories and have helped customers solve problems, better manager their energy usage and improve their bottom line. Their case studies include Rockdale Beef – Yanco NSW, Tamworth City Council – NSW and St Andrews War Memorial Hospital – Brisbane QLD.
This section provides case studies on people that have taken a comprehensive approach to make their companies more energy efficiency. These case studies on Hot Pyjama Productions, Interface Agencies and Products from New Zealand demonstrate a broad range of actions and creativity you can put into reducing your companies energy impact. These Studies have been prepared by recognised industry experts in plastics processing, and are designed to offer practical advice on the best and most cost-effective approaches. The publications fit together with materials from the sister Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme to give a complete cost cutting guide to plastics processing.
These case study links from the Colorada Energy Efficiency Guide will walk you through a series of projects from various business sectors. They will provide you with details on what efficiency measures the companies implemented, how much they cost, how much money and energy the project is saving, and payback periods. The case studies describe the context and goals for the project, and will give you a sense for what is possible and achievable.
A selection of case studies with an in-depth look at how companies planned, financed and implemented its energy conservation and efficiency programs including Allergen Inc and Roche Bio Science.
Case studies cover most building types on such subjects as efficiency upgrades, indoor air quality, refrigerant conversions, hybrid chiller systems, thermal storage and interoperability.
Case studies on reducing company's energy costs by installing energy efficient equipment including City of Melfod and Delops, Brockton MA.


Click here for a report on tools for marketing and sustainability.

Some general information on sustainability tools for managers is available at Project Dantes

The Project Sigma tools including:

Marketing Ethics Self Test : Take a light-hearted marketing ethics tests here.

An explanation of  “SCEPTICAL analysis”, a tool to help marketers breakdown the marketing environment to better understand the issues sustainability raises can be found here
Selection of the best internet environmental directories (list of lists), on more than 600 environmental subjects.
East of England Toolkit for business sustainability.
East Midlands Integrated Toolkit for business sustainability.
Teleworking sustainability assessment tool.
A wide range of business and sustainability tools.
A 50 page tool created for attendees of the US DesignGreen workshops.
Industrial Designers Society of America’s Business-Ecodesign tools.

Marketing Wisdom online annotated bibliography of research on marketing and sustainability.

Annotated bibliography-2.doc
A supplementary bibliography featuring more up-to-date contributions and more with a European perspective.
Articles on green marketing from Jacquelyn Ottman.
The Knowledge Hub of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, contains links and articles on marketers legal responsibility and on ethics and sustainability in marketing.
Details of a New Zealand project to trace the development of sustainable marketing.
Conference paper developing the concept of “marketplace wisdom” as a pathway to sustainability.
Marketing Sherpa’s “Marketing Wisdom 2006” collects anecdotes and ideas from real life marketers to help others learn from their successes and failures.
The American Marketing Academy’s “Knowledge Center” provides a range of information sources including expert White Papers, a guide to the basics, news items and e-learning resources.
A dictionary of marketing terms from the American Marketing Association.

For some quotations about marketing that vary from the profound to the amusing, see the following :


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