The Sustainable Marketing Toolbox

A number of organisations have developed tools and techniques that have the potential to help marketers in developing new and more sustainable products and strategies. Links to some of the key online tools available are listed below. If you are aware of other tools that you believe should be included in this collection, please send details including a link to


Click here for a report on tools for marketing and sustainability.

Some general information on sustainability tools for managers is available at Project Dantes

The Project Sigma tools including:

Marketing Ethics Self Test : Take a light-hearted marketing ethics tests here.

An explanation of  “SCEPTICAL analysis”, a tool to help marketers breakdown the marketing environment to better understand the issues sustainability raises can be found here
Selection of the best internet environmental directories (list of lists), on more than 600 environmental subjects.
East of England Toolkit for business sustainability.
East Midlands Integrated Toolkit for business sustainability.
Teleworking sustainability assessment tool.
A wide range of business and sustainability tools.
A 50 page tool created for attendees of the US DesignGreen workshops.
Industrial Designers Society of America’s Business-Ecodesign tools.

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