Designing for the Circular Economy
Circular Economy, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Complimentary Webinar

9th September 2019 – 18.00 GMT

Professor Martin Charter, Director, The Centre for Sustainable Design ® and Senior Associate, Business School for the Creative Industries, University for the Creative Arts and Chairman, Board of Trustees, Farnham Repair Café


The event is organised by The Centre for Sustainable Design ® at Business School for the Creative Industries at University for the Creative Arts 

Designing for the Circular Economy

“‘Designing for the Circular Economy’ is about maximising the value in products, components and material in economic and social systems for as long as possible, reframing thinking away from waste to value creation. ‘Designing for the Circular Economy’ will uncover countless opportunities for innovation, product/services development and new business models”

Professor Martin Charter will introduce the concept of the Circular Economy focused on ‘closing material loops’ through better design and highlight the need to move away from the current unsustainable linear industrial model which is based on ‘taking, making and wasting’. An overview of global trends and issues related to Circular Economy and the impact of products will be given, reinforced by a series of examples of company approaches and products. In addition, two case studies will be presented: CircularOcean (an EC funded project focused on converting waste fishing nets into products); and Repair Cafés (community workshops facilitating repair). This will be followed by discussion and an opportunity to ask questions.

Professor Charter will also introduce his new book, Designing for the Circular Economy, which describes a world in which reuse through repair, reconditioning and refurbishment is the prevailing social and economic model. The business opportunities are huge but developing product/service offerings and achieving competitive advantage means rethinking your business model from early creativity and design processes, through marketing and communication to pricing and supply. Designing for the Circular Economy highlights and explores ‘state of the art’ research and industrial practice, highlighting Circular Economy (CE) as a source of: new business opportunities; radical business change; disruptive innovation; social change; and new consumer attitudes.  Designing for the Circular Economy includes thirty-four chapters provide a comprehensive overview of issues related to product circularity from policy through to design and development. Chapters are designed to be easy to digest and include numerous examples. An important feature of the book is the case studies section that covers a diverse range of topics related to CE, business models and design and development in sectors ranging from construction to retail, clothing, technology and manufacturing.


The event is free of charge but please email to register. Note: to access the webinar you need to access to Chrome or Firefox browsers.

How to order Designing for the Circular Economy

Designing for the Circular Economy can be ordered via Routledge and also via Amazon. Publication Details: ISBN: 9781138081017; 396 Pages; £45.00 (Hardback) ** Use code FLR40 to claim your 20% discount **