Collaboration, Co-creation & New Business Models

Part of the ‘Towards Sustainable Product Design’ series of conferences

18th International Conference
4th-5th November 2013
University for the Creative Arts

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Reviewed Papers: Programme and Abstracts


Market Transformation and Systems Change

New Business Models

Organisational Dimensions, Innovation and Product Development

Design Strategies, Methodologies and Tools

Case Studies

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Chair Wouter Kersten,
Manager, Research and Innovation, Enviu, Netherlands
Mo Tomaney,
Subject Leader, Post Graduate Fashion & Business, University for the Creative Arts, UK
Sushma Windsor,
Founder, Lettuce Flowers, UK
John Wood,
Emeritus Professor of Design, University of London, UK
Christine Lancaster,
Managing Director, Calcarbon Ltd, UK
10.15 Looking Through the Lens of Shock: Exploring Opportunities for Learning and Innovation for Adaptable Infrastructure The Green Economy – Emerging Green Business Models in the Danish Window Industry

Developing a Design for Environment (DfE) Methodology in the Energy Sector of Siemens AG User Centred Design of a New Eco-Feedback Device Based on Life Cycle Audit and Augmented Reality Technology Design Challenges in the Development of Charge Stations for Electric Vehicles
  E. Dewberry, S. Glendinning, V. Castán Broto, C. Walsh and M. Powell
The Open University, UK
M. Andersen and K. Murdock

Danish Technical University, Denmark
K. Skelton, T. Knitl and F. Parthey

Aalborg University, Denmark, Ansbach University, Germany and Siemens, Germany
S. Yin Kwok, D. Harrison and S. Qin
Brunel University, UK
R. de Vries and R. van den Hoed
University of Applied Science, Netherlands
Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
10:45 Technology Roadmap and Innovation Challenges for the Development of Vertical Farming Systems Realising a Circular Economy for Textiles

Management Systems’ Influence on Sustainable Innovation: A Comparative Analysis of Two Large MNCs

Evolving Sustainable Product Design Considerations for Electrical Household Products

Extraction of ‘Pandanus Utilis’ Leaf Fibre and its Potential for Eco Friendly Product Development

  K. Lange and I. Oskam
University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
C. Rea
C-Tech Innovation Ltd, UK
M. Marmgren, G. Clancy and S. Alänge
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Y. Bakirlioglu, C. Dogan and S. Turham
Middle East Technical University, Turkey
A. Vaidya Soocheta, M. Teli and S. Rosunee
University of Mauritius, Mauritius and Institute of Chemical Technology, India
Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
11.15 The Development of a Framework for Sustainable Connected Cities for Dublin, Ireland Business Model Innovation for Closed Loop Fashion Authenticating Real: A Rationale and Model for Auditing Corporate Authenticity Materials Translators: Observations from a Study of Sustainable Materials Information Provision and Design Behaviour in London, UK Towards Sustainable Laundry Behaviour: Results from a UK Innovative Project for Achieving Pro-Environmental Behaviours
  B. Donnellan
National University of Ireland, Ireland
K. Kant Hvass
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
J. Rooks
The SOAP Group, US
R. Hornbuckle
Kingston University, UK
M. Stalmans, K. Jack, P. White, E. Blair and L. Davies
P & G, Belgium, Eco Concierge, UK, The Social Marketing Practice, UK and Defra, UK
Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
11:45 The EU Transition Towards a Low-Carbon, Resource-Efficient Economy: Policy Objectives and Regulatory Framework Creating Value with Sustainability: New Business Models in Austria New Modes of Constructive Technology Assessment for Developing Countries

Solar Design “User Oriented Software Tool for Design Driven Applications on Thin-Film Solar Modules” Leapfrogging the Provision of Light on Low Income Households Through a Product Service Systems (PSS): a Case Study in Brazil

  T. Domenech and P. Ekins

University College of London, UK
R. Rauter, D. Nguyen, P. Stabauer, P. Gsodam and R. Baumgartner
University of Graz, Austria
D. Christensen, A. Remmen
Aalborg University, Denmark
J. Garatea and I. Muňoz

GAIA, Spain
Dr. A. Dos Santos
Federal University of Paraná, Brazil
Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
12.15 A Fluid Approach to Designing Sustainable Infrastructure: Visions of a Waterway for a Sustainable Future Disruptive Co-Creation? Some Experiences in Fostering Innovative and Sustainable Business Models for Emerging Markets Bringing Ecodesign to the Front Stage of Innovation: Action and Research at Natura Brazil Co-creating Creativity Serial Change Maker: Social Innovators and Entrepreneurs Creating Platforms to Enable Communities of and for Change

  A. Rowbotham, E. Dewberry and M. Cook
The Open University, UK
I. Butler and D. Christensen
Aalborg University, Denmark
F. Brones, M. Barbosa, A. Guelere, S. Camargo and M. Monteiro de Carvalho
Natura Inovação e Tecnologia de Produtos Ltda., Escola Politécnica da Universidade, LCM Treinamento e Consultoria em Gestão Ambiental Ltda, Brazil
J. Wood
University of London, UK
S. Griffith
University of New South Wales, Australia
Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
12:45 The Sustainable (Eco) Innovation Output in the OECD Area: Analysis Based on Patent Data at Country Level Enabling Collaborative Consumption Through Product-Service Systems (PSS) Design Integrating Social Capital into Business Models

Journey from Service Value to Business Opportunities: Designing the Voluntary Water Quality Monitoring Activity North-West Eco Innovation Programme

  M. Markatou
University of Thessaly, Greece
L. Piscicelli, T. Cooper and T. Fisher
Nottingham Trent University, UK
P. Van Der Jagt and R. During
Wageningen University, Netherlands
P. Sanna, S. Tommi and L. Miia
Aalto University, Finland
Ben Peace
C-Tech Innovation, UK
Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract


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