Circular Cricket (Prototyping and Socially Engaged Manufacture of Cricket Pads, using Circular Design, Biomaterials, Recycled Materials and Component Reuse)

Circular Cricket is a project that aims to challenge existing practices in the design and production of cricket gear in the UK. Against a background of the UK’s Net Zero agenda and increasing awareness of integrating circular design principles into product design and manufacture, this project will develop, produce, and test circular cricket batting pad (CBP) prototypes made from biomaterials, recycled materials, and reused components. The prototypes will be developed through a social enterprise model. The project will also develop a production model and offer training in making and repair and refurbishment (R&R) circular cricket batting pads (CBPs) through engagement with disadvantaged groups in Leeds/Yorkshire. This work will feed into exploration of a potential business model to support and commercialise local manufacture and service provision for circular cricket gear and R&R.






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Circular Cricket is funded by UKRI, AHRC through its Design Accelerator (DA)  programme. DA is part of Future Observatory, the Design Museum’s national research programme for the green transition.