#Net_Hack Challenge

Open Innovation for the re-use of Fishing Nets and Ropes

640,000 tonnes of fishing nets and ropes are dumped into the ocean each year injuring and killing marine mammals and birds, and disrupting shipping

#Net_Hack Challenge is a unique process aimed at developing new solutions for the re-use of polymer fishing nets and ropes that incorporates an innovative event and online platform.

#Net_Hack Challenge brings together Design Teams to tackle real-life Challenges set by a range of experts in an open innovation format. The process has been developed by Circular Ocean partner, Professor Martin Charter from The Centre for Sustainable Design ® at University for the Creative Arts and builds on a series of creative, fun and innovative processes derived from his unique GreenThink process.

#Net_Hack Challenge process aims to develop new concepts derived from waste polymer fishing nets and ropes that are then open-sourced for further development. New concepts that emerge from events are then added to a website platform where co-design and co-development is encouraged between global innovators and designers and/or the original Design Teams.

#Net-Hack_Challenge is part of the Circular Ocean project. Circular Ocean is funded by Northern Periphery & Arctic Programme (European Regional Development Fund) and is being organised between 2015-2018.

Within Circular Ocean a number of #Net_Hack Challenges have been organised or are planned:

For more information on the #Net_Hack Challenge contact mcharter@uca.ac.uk