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The seeba Website

Welcome to the seeba global resource. Why have we gone global? Because 75% of the hits we get from known country sources already come from outside the UK. seeba receives on average over 150,000 hits per month. In going global our aim is to provide up to date, easy to use, web-based material for managers in other counties and for busy executives.

Using the seeba Website

The seeba website has been designed for easy navigation. Features include a search engine for the site so you can quickly and easily find the information you need. The top menu has sub links so when the mouse passes over each title a list of links to that section is revealed. This allows the user to rapidly go to any part of the site. If you still need help on finding relevant areas then use the site map at the bottom of the page. For those of you where English is not your native tongue and find the language difficult, each page can be translated into one of 12 different languages by selecting 'Translate' from the top right hand side of each page. seeba however can take no responsibilty for the quality of translation, since the service is not managed by seeba.

In order to find out the latest environmental product developments select the 'Environmental News' section which will bring to you the most important developments worldwide. You can see the topics covered in the first of the summary boxes below. The other boxes give short summaries of what can be found within this site or the parent CfSD site.

The 'Country Profiles' section not only covers the extensive 'Country Directive' but also a 'talk box' for each country which it is hoped you will all contribute to. It will for the first time give most countries in the world an area where environmental issues for those countries can be debated openly. seeba is also seeking articles (in English) on important country issues which can be published on the relevant country page(s).

The EU WEEE/RoHS implementation pages have with links to most of the member states legislation text, registration bodies and compliance organisations. In addition they have been integrated into the countries directive under the title of 'Country Profiles' The EuP directive will soon be added to the EU section, and as national transposition takes place it will be added to the individual countries. The EuP directive will fundamentally effect the way companies design their products. Because of this the seeba design checklist under the Eco-design Tools section has been updated to reflect the requirements of this directive. and a new section called 'EuP Page' has been created to cover the latest development.s.

Environmental Product News The Korean legislation 'Act for Resource Recycling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Vehicles' published on the 30th March 2007. Details of controlled substances and thresholds covered by the legislation have yet to be published, but it is planned for it to come into force on the 1st July 2007. See Environmental News section for more details

The European REACH regulations have now been published in the Official Journal. They come into effect across the EU on the 1st June 2007. It will not only have a large impact of the chemical industry but also on their customer base including the electronics industry. See the Environmental News section for more details.

On the EuP a new lot study was kicked off on simple set top boxes. Five new product types will be looked at by preparatory groups in 2007. They are:

  • Solid fuel small combustion installations
  • Laundry driers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Cmplex set-top boxes (pay content)
  • Domestic lighting

All the latest developments on the EuP including the above and the reports from the preparatory groups can be found on the EuP Page

Expanded Resources PageThe Resource Centre now contains over 90 slide presentations from past seeba conferences and workshops. These are free for viewing by anyone and cover environmental product legislation, eco-design, corporate social responsibility, recycling, supply chain management and many other subjects.

The presentations are from some of the worlds leading environmental experts and can be viewed as PowerPoint slide shows over the web.

Smart Eco-design Training seeba has produced a series of twelve training modules focused on the eco-design needs of the electronics sector. This training is delivered by experienced trainers and already delivered to a number of major companies world wide.


CfSD Conference - Farnham, UK. Global Building and Construction: Systems, Technologies, Products and Services - October 2007Sustainable Innovation 07 Globally the building and construction sector has a major 'environmental footprint', contributing over 40% of greenhouse gas emissions and generating high volumes of waste. Major projects such as the Olympics in Beijing (2008) and London (2012), the Thames Gateway in the UK and Dongtan Eco-city in China provide major opportunities to start to show a new way and integrate sustainability thinking from a systems level right through to ground-level.



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