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Status of Environmental Legislation on Electrical and Electronic Products


Key Implementation Dates
Legislation Administration Measures on the Control of Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products'
Key Differences from EU WEEE/RoHS/EuP

Key Implementation Dates

25th September 2003: SB20 on products having electronic displays became law .
29th September 2004 : SB50 became law, clarifying aspects of SB20
1st January 2005 : Retailers collect the Electronic Waste Recycling Fee
1st January 2007: Product regulations take effect
1st January 2008: AB2202 bill effective and expands scope to the same as EU RoHS


SB20: English Translation
SB50: English Translation
Emergency Regulations: English

Key Differences from from the EU WEEE/RoHS/EuP

Scope: The legislation SB20/50 only covers products with a CRT, LCD or Plasma screen larger than 4 inches diagonally. The different categories identified are:
1. Cathode ray tube containing devices (CRT devices)
2. Cathode ray tubes (CRTs)
3. Computer monitors containing cathode ray tubes
4. Laptop computers with liquid crystal display (LCD)
5. LCD containing desktop
6. Televisions containing cathode ray tubes
7. Televisions containing liquid crystal display (LCD) screens
8. Plasma televisions.

Bill AB2202 comes into effect on the 1st January 2008 and expands the scope to the same as for the European RoHS.

Banned Substances: As per the EU RoHS. Thresholds and exemptions of the EU are being followed.

Sales tax: A sales tax of $6 - $10 is put on products covered by the bill to pay for recycling..

Annual Report: Each manufactured covered by the bill must report the following annually

1. Baselines that show the total estimated amounts of mercury, cadmium, lead, hexavalent chromium, and PBB's used, and the reduction in the use of those hazardous materials from the previous year.
2. Baselines that show the total estimated amount of recyclable materials contained in products and the increase over the previous year.
3. Baselines that describe any efforts to design for recycling and goals and plans for further increasing design for recycling.




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