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Status of Environmental Legislation on Electrical and Electronic Products


Key Implementation Dates
Legislation Administrative Measures on the Control of Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products'
Chinese WEEE legislation
Key Differences from the EU WEEE/RoHS/EuP
List of products in the scope

Key Implementation Dates

The "Administration Measures on the Control of Polution Caused by Electronic Information Products" is being developed by the Ministry of Information Industries (MII) and the electronics takeback and recycling law initiative (e.g., "China WEEE") is being lead by the National Development Reform Commission (NDRC, also referred to as SDRC).

31st December 2005: 'Administive Measures on the Control of Polution Caused by Electronic Information Products' legislation adopted.
1st March 2007: 'Administrative Measures on the Control of Polution Caused by Electronic Information Products' came into force and labelling requirements required to be met.


Administrative Measures on the Control of Polution Caused by Electronic Information Products Regulations: English
Chinese (Translation)

The scope of the legislation is given in the following list of products/parts/sub assemblies. The catalogue when published will require products from this scope that have to be compliant by January 2007: English Chinese Also see list at bottom of this page.

Standard SJ/T 11363-2006 Requirements for Concentration Limits for Certain Hazardous Substances in Electronic Information Products: English

Standard SJ/T 11364-2006 Marking for Control of Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products: English

Standard GB 18455-2001 Packaging Recycling Mark: English

Draft Standard SJ/T 11365-2006 DRAFT Testing Methods for Regulated Substances in Electronic Information Products: English

The China RoHS label images:
Type 1
Type 2 Number
Type 2

Key Differences from the EU WEEE/RoHS/EuP

Scope: First products to be covered by the legislation have been published in a catalogue (see links abave) to be updated annually. It covers not only many products, but most electronic components and sub-assemblies. It puts a legal requirement not only on the product, but also the whole supply chain similar to the EuP. It applies to products sold in China, not those exported from China.

Testing:All products coming under the legislation must be tested for compliance before they can be sold by authorised testing laboratories.

Toxic and harmful substances are as per EU RoHS but no exemptions. Deca-PBDE however is not included within the substance list.

Implemention Date: It will not be possible to stockpile before the 1st January 2007 since items impacted will not be able to be sold in China after this date..

Non Covered Products: A product not covered by the legislation will be deemed to come under the legislation if it has part(s) that do fall under the legislation that comprise of more than 60% by value. For products under this figure the legislation will only apply to the part(s).

Safe Working Life: Manufacturers must state on their products a safe working life where there is no risk of hazardous substances leeching out of their products. Products are not to be used after that life has been exceeded.

Chinese WEEE: Manufacturers are expected to have to take back their products at their own expense at end-of-life based on comments from the Chinese Government and tied to the safe working life. Details are expected 2007.


Items listed as within the scope of the legislation are:

  • Radar equipment products.
  • Communication Equipment Products
    • Communication transmitters and receivers
    • Microwave communication equipment
    • Satellite application products
    • Scatter communication equipment
    • Communication navigation positioning equipment
    • Carrier communication equipment
    • Optic communication equipment
  • Communication exchange equipment
    • Exchange and user access equipment
  • Communication terminal equipment
    • Medium/small scale radio stations
    • Telephone sets
    • Data communication equipment (e.g. fax machines, typewriters)
    • Communication electronic countermeasures equipment
    • Communication navigation vehicles
    • Communication sub-assembly products
  • Mobile communication equipment
    • Digital cellular phone system and equipment
    • Radio paging system and equipment.
    • Trunk mobile communication system and equipment
    • Medium small scale automatic radio telephone system and equipment
    • No central controller access communication system equipment.
  • Mobile communication Terminal Equipment
    • Mobile GSM and CDMA phones
    • Other mobile phones and pagers
    • Other accessory equipment such as modems.
  • Broadcast television editing, transmitting, and transmission equipment
    • Audio programme editing and broadcast control equipment
    • Video audio programme editing and playing equipment
    • Broadcast transmitting equipment
    • Television transmitting and transducer equipment
    • Satellite television transmitting and transducer equipment
    • Cable television network transmission equipment
  • Broadcast television receiving equipment
    • Television receiving equipment
    • Broadcast receiving equipment
    • Satellite broadcast television receiving equipment
    • Cable television receiving equipment
    • Professional audio recording, video recording and playing equipment
    • Video recording and playing equipment
    • Subassemblies and accessories
  • Application television equipment and other broadcast television equipment
    • Application televion equipment
    • Other broadcast television equipment
  • Electronic Computers
    • Large to medium computer workstations
    • Microcompute equipment (Includes desktops, notebooks, servers, learning machines)
  • Computer network equipment
    • Network control equipment
    • Network access and adaptors
    • Network connection equipment
    • Network test equipment
  • Computer peripherals
    • Terminal display equipment
    • Input equipment
    • Output equipment
    • External storage equipment
    • Digitised information products
  • Computer subassemblies and consumables
    • Microcomputer boards and cards
    • Power supplies
    • Other subassemblies and consumerables (Includes things like cartridges, discs, ribbons, toner cartridges)
  • Computer application products
    • Electronic publications systems (Includes calculators, education systems)
    • Financial, comercial, tax business electronic application products
    • Other application products
  • Televisions
  • Camera, video recording, and compact disc machines
    • Video recorders
    • Audio recorders/players
    • Digital audio, video compact disc devices
  • Household sound electronic equipment
    • household (radios, mp3/mp4 players, CD players, power amplifiers)
    • Automobile electronic sound equipment
    • Household subassemblies (tuners, line output transformers, tapes, discs etc)
  • Electronic measuring instruments
    • Frequency measuring instruments
    • Voltage measuring instruments
    • Oscilloscopes
    • Apparatus and component parameter measuring instrument
    • Pulse measuring instrument
    • Scanning, spectrrum waveform analysing instrument
    • Microwave measuring instrument
    • Communication measuring equipment
    • Broadcast television measuring equipment
    • Ultralow frequency measuring instrument
    • Acoustic measuring instrument
    • Field strength meters
    • Regulators
    • Recorders and displays
    • Signal sources
    • Power meters
    • Other measuring equipment
  • Electronic industry professional equipment
    • Professional equipment for semiconductor devices and ICs
    • Professional equipment for electric vacumm devices
    • Professional equipment for electronic components
    • Electronic asembly equipment
    • Electronic general purpose equipment
  • Molds and gears for the electronic industry
  • Electronic components
    • Capacitors
    • Resistors, potentiometers
    • Electric connection components
    • Control components
    • Magnetic materials inductance transformers
    • Electro-acoustic devices
    • Frequency control and selection components
    • Other components and parts (Includes most passives, fastners, quartz crystal )
    • Electronic printed circuit boards
    • Sensing components and transducers
  • Vacumm electronic devices
    • Electron tubes
    • Electron-beam tubes
    • Electro light sources
  • Photoelectron devices and other electronic products
    • Display modules
    • Electron beam photoelectron devices
    • Electron vacumm photoelectron devices
    • Semiconductor photoelectron devices
    • Optic communication devices
    • Other semiconductor photoelectron devices
  • Semiconductor discrete devices
    • Semiconductor diodes
    • Semiconductor triodes
    • Special devices and transducers
    • Electronic semiconductor devices above 5A
  • Integrated circuits
  • Micro motors
  • Electronic wires and cables
    • Installation wires and cables
    • Radio frequency cables
    • Integrated cables
    • Cables for communication electronic networks
    • Other wires and cables
    • Electronic wire cables
  • Fibre optics, fibre optic cables
    • Fibre optics
    • Fibre optics cables
  • Batteries
    • Alkaline
    • Lithium
    • Reserve
    • Physical power sources (e.g. solar, thermoelecric)
    • Physical chemical power energy power systems
    • Battery chargers
    • Battery accessories
  • Household equipment (keyboards, game machines, microwave ovens, electromagnetic stoves, other)
  • Medical electronic equipment
    • Electronic instruments and equipment for medical use
    • Ultrasonic instruments for medical use
    • Laser instruments aand equipment for medical use
    • Biochemistry analyser instruments for medical use
    • High frequency microwave ray nuclein instrument for medical use
    • Instruments for chinese medicine
    • Other medical electronic instrument
  • Electronic component materials (eg capacitor foils, optical glass etc)
  • Materials for vacuum electronic devices
  • Semiconductor materials
  • Phosphors chemical materials




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