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About Us

The Centre for Sustainable Design (CfSD) was established in 1995 within the Faculty of Design at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College (Now renamed University for the Creative Arts at Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham, Maidstone and Rochester) in the UK. CfSD has organised over 30 conferences and workshops, and undertaken a wide range of research and training projects on eco-product development and sustainable product design. It has achieved an international reputation for high quality, innovative, leading-edge work.

seeba is part of the CfSD and deals with producer responsibility within the electrical and electronics sector. When formed it was set up to just support the South East of England, but since it was found to be used by companies worldwide it has been decided to realign itself to that global marketplace.

seeba now organises workshops & training on a global basis both online and face to face. It provides via its extensive website information on eco-design, legislation, supply chain management and end-of-life management. seeba aims to help businesses and others cut through the confusion and obtain up-to-date information and know-how from industry experts and policy-makers on 'Producer Responsibility' developments affecting the electrical and electronics sector and related areas.


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