We have grown-up in a Linear Economy where the industrial processes of ‘take, make and dispose’ have driven economic growth and shaped our consumer lifestyles. The Linear Economy is not sustainable and with the costs of waste, materials and energy increasing globally it is clear that there needs to be radical change by business and civil society to enable the transition to a more Circular Economy, where waste is reduced or entirely eliminated. Designers and entrepreneurs have a key role in this process.

ReUCA is a lunchtime workshop that will highlight current research from The Centre for Sustainable Design ® on the role that Grassroots Innovation, Makers & Fixers and Community Workshops may have in a new post-consumer, more sustainable approach to production and consumption.

ReUCA will also introduce two exciting new initiatives: ‘Theatre of the Imagination 2’ that will have an explicit focus on Circular Economy thinking related to the reuse and transformation of waste into new concepts, products and art works; and the Farnham Repair Café, which plans to provide a free meeting place for people to network and gain help and advice on product repair and modification.


Registration & networking (please bring your own sandwich lunch)
Grassroots Innovation & the Circular Economy
Professor Martin Charter, Director, The Centre for Sustainable Design ®, School of Craft & Design, UCA
Global Research on Community Workshops; Repair Cafés & Hackerspaces
Scott Keiller, Project Manager - FUSION, The Centre for Sustainable Design ®, UCA
Theatre of the Imagination 2
Bob Pulley, Head, School of Craft & Design, UCA
Farnham Repair Café
Rob Simpson, Transition Town Farnham
Ben Smart, Interior Design, UCA
Open discussion

Fees & Registration

There is no charge for this event. Please email Ros Caruthers: to register your interest to attend.

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