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Martin Charter presents GreenThink!

Added: 13th June 2011

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What companies say about GreenThink! © Workshops

"One of the best formats for generating lots of great ideas for a business I have ever experienced."
Reed Paget, Managing Director, One Earth Innovation Ltd

"The GreenThink process provided focus and direction on how to introduce sustainability into our product design process. It provided a great opportunity to get a cross departmental group together to brainstorm “product sustainability” and thrash out what it really means for our business. A thoroughly thoughtful and stimulating day – enjoyed by all – thank you."
Karen Taylor, Environmental Development Manager, Hampshire Cosmetics Ltd

"It was the best piece of business consultancy I have received in the last ten years. It has really opened up my eyes to what can be done."
Waqas Ahmad, Managing Director, Eco-Comply Ltd

"The GreenThink! process really helped my team and I to focus our efforts. The whole company service came under scrutiny and the GreenThink! process allowed us to really identify our next steps. Very positive and most enjoyable process."
Marc Carey, Managing Director, Carey Ambrose Ltd

"An excellent day that takes you on a challenging but positive journey that makes you take stock of the business direction and focus on the real issues surrounding the business. Great 'out of the box' thinking. I can't be positive enough about the GreenThink! process! "
Anthony Morgan, Managing Director, New Form Energy Limited

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The GreenThink! © is a customised process that aims to support individual companies in developing more sustainable solutions through existing and new products, services and product-services. The GreenThink! © process is a based on a clear understanding of the client’s needs in relation to its existing and/or new product development and/or innovation processes followed by an open idea generation (GreenThink! © ) session based on the information provided.

  • ‘State of the art’ presentation on sustainable innovation and design
  • Identification of income generating opportunities
  • Highlighting of obstacles to market success
  • Drill down focus on specific opportunities
  • Development of commercialisation plans
  • Marketing and selling products
  • Networking opportunities

The ideas are filtered, analysed and presented to the client in a succinct report with follow-up consultancy.

The GreenThink! © process

The GreenThink! © process includes the following elements:

> Fact-finding questionnaire
> Analysis of questionnaire results
> GreenThink! © workshop
> Report
> Follow-up Consultancy

Programme and fees

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