Sustainable Innovation


The Centre for Sustainable Design (CfSD) define sustainable innovation as:

Sustainable innovation is a process where sustainability considerations (environmental, social and financial) are integrated into company systems from idea generation through to research and development (R&D) and commercialisation. This applies to products, services and technologies, as well as new business and organisation models (Charter, 2007)

Sustainable innovation is a new and evolving area and also relates to eco-innovation (see

Sustainable Innovation conference proceedings (2005-2014)


In 2006-7 with support from the South-East England Development Agency (SEEDA), CfSD was awarded a project entitled 'Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Innovation & Design' (see This produced a range of high quality outputs including five research reports and eight events

CfSD is in the 20th year of the international 'Sustainable Innovation' conference series - see Sustainable Innovation 2015. Details of previous conferences can be downloaded from the box at the top left of this site

CfSD have organised a number of workshops focused on sustainable innovation (see )

CfSD organise ad hoc meetings focused on issues related to 'business, innovation and sustainability'

CfSD have compiled a summary of the key conclusions from the 'Sustainable Innovation' conferences from 2003-2006 (click here for Sustainable Innovation report). In addition, the report is supported by a summary of all papers presented at these conferences (see

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