Green Innovation 2012 is co-organised by Business Council for Sustainable Development – Taiwan, The Centre for Sustainable Design ® and Sustainable Innovation Lab

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The Rio+20 Sustainable Development Summit in June 2012 will highlight key issues of moving towards resource efficient, low carbon economies and delivering inclusive ‘green growth’. What business opportunities will emerge from those discussions? What are leading policy makers, business people and entrepreneurs doing to move forward eco-innovation related to new products, technologies, services and business models?  What lessons can Taiwan learn?

Leading experts from the UK will team up with Business Council for Sustainable Development –Taiwan (BCSD Taiwan) to run three workshops in August 2012 in Taipei. The programme will provide a unique opportunity for Taiwan’s leaders to access first-hand information and training from top European experts.

The three workshops will identify how leading businesses are transforming sustainability into new business opportunities.  The programme will identify global trends; European policy developments related to ‘green growth’, sustainable consumption and production (SCP), ‘producer responsibility’, eco-innovation and eco-design; and what buyers (brand name companies and governments) are doing to manage sustainable supply chains.


Three workshops will be led by leading experts

Workshop A: 1st August 2012
Big Picture: Global trends and European Policy Update

Workshop B: 2nd August 2012
Implementation: Eco-design Management, Processes and Tools

Workshop C: 3rd August 2012
Transformation: Trends, New Business Models and Open ‘Green’ Innovation


The three workshops will provide leading-edge analysis of opportunities, challenges and practicalities related to eco-innovation and eco- design. The sessions will draw out and highlight implications for global supply chains

The workshop will be structured around a series of interactive sessions and will provide updates on European policy and standards developments related to ‘green growth, Sustainable Consumption
& Production (SCP), ‘producer responsibility, eco-innovation and eco-design.

Key benefits will include:

Workshop Fee

12,000 NT per day (250GBP per day)
Space is limited and an early bird discount is available by 30th June 2012

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