Sustainability, Cricket Gear and Clothing: New Research & Insights

12th May 2022 10.00AM – 11.00AM
Online via Zoom

Webinar Video Recording


PASIC (Platform for Sustainable Innovation in Cricket) has been established to disseminate new thinking and research related to the sustainability of cricket gear and clothing. 

As part of PASIC programme during 2022 The Centre for Sustainable Design at UCA Business School is completing further research into the sustainability of cricket gear and clothing building on its recent stakeholder report. This webinar will provide interim findings of current research and this will be followed by a 2nd webinar on 24th June where the overall findings from the project will be presented.

Webinar objectives

Interim findings


10:00 Introduction

Professor Martin Charter, Director, The Centre for Sustainable Design (CfSD), Business School for Creative Industries (BSCI), UCA

Chris Whittaker, Chair, BASIS

10:05 Interim research findings

Tom Clark, Principal, Tom Clark & Associates

Joanna Czutkowna, Director, IWST & PhD candidate, CfSD, BSCI, UCA

10:25 Group discussion

Facilitated by Professor Martin Charter, Director, CfSD, BSCI, UCA

Key questions to be addressed

  • What is the rough estimate of the size of the market for bats, balls, personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing (value or number of items) in England Wales?
  • What proportion of cricket gear and clothing is purchased by individuals compared to clubs?
  • What is the main growth area in demand for cricket gear and clothing in England and Wales?
  • What is estimated to be the average life of cricket gear and clothing, by age and level of players? Is there a trend towards shorter life with lower quality products, sponsor requirements, etc?
  • Where do amateur players buy cricket gear and clothing? Has this changed over the last 5-10 years?
  • What are the key issues that inhibit sustainability being considered and incorporated in the design and development of cricket gear and clothing?
  • How many items of cricket gear and clothing do manufacturers, clubs, players and other stakeholders donate to schemes like Lords Taverners and others for reuse?
  • What happens to cricket clothing in England and Wales at the end of its 1st life? Does most of it go to community recycling banks and/or to landfill?
  • What are the obstacles to using natural fibres and polymers (other than polyester) in the development of cricket clothing?
  • What tools or resources are used by those involved in cricket gear and clothing design and development to help consider sustainability issues or more specifically circularity?
10:55 Summary

Facilitated by Professor Martin Charter, Director, CfSD, BSCI, UCA

11:00 Close


The webinar is targeted at producers, retailers and distributors of cricket gear and clothing, county cricket clubs and administrators


The event is free of charge but you need to register via by sending your name, job title and organisation. On receipt, you will be sent instructions to join the webinar.

Further information

For more information contact:
Professor Martin Charter
The Centre for Sustainable Design ®
Business School for the Creative Industries


The two research studies are being funded through the Strategic Priorities Fund delivered by Research England. Research England is part of UK Research and Innovation, a public body funded by the UK government. For more information visit or