eco-i net aims to support the creation, research, development and commercialisation of existing and new eco-innovative products, services and technologies working across the full innovation cycle. eco-i net will bring together inventors, researchers, entrepreneurs, designers, investors and companies through a series of events and an on-line community. eco-i net includes a unique back-office - Green Think!Lab - that provides a range of eco-innovation services with a particular focus on building technologies and low carbon solutions. eco-i net aims to work in partnership with regional, national and international organisations interested in eco-innovation.

Eco-innovation is any form of innovation aiming at significant and demonstrable progress towards the goal of sustainable development, through reducing impacts on the environment or achieving a more efficient and responsible use of natural resources, including energy.
Source: Competitiveness and Innovation Framework (2007 to 2013)

Eco-innovation is the creation of novel and competitively priced goods, processes, systems, services, and procedures designed to satisfy human needs and provide a better quality of life for all, with a life-cycle minimal use of natural resources (materials including energy, and surface area) per unit output, and a minimal release of toxic substances. Eco-industry includes businesses across all sectors that are pro-actively and demonstrably involved in eco-innovation, including novel solutions to satisfy legally set standards, norms and requirements.
Source: Europa INNOVA Thematic Workshop, Lead Markets and Innovation, 29-30th June 2006 , Munich , Germany .

eco-i net is based at The Centre for Sustainable Design (www.cfsd.org.uk) that has a successful track record of organising green business networks going back to the early 90's. The Centre was established in 1995 building on an existing regional initiative and has developed an international reputation for high quality research, events and training.



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