Green Think!Lab


The Green Think!Lab provides a unique back-office to eco-i net and includes a range of eco-innovation services for inventors, researchers, entrepreneurs and companies. Green Think!Lab will provide support from R&D through to commercialisation. This includes:

  • Developing new concepts
  • Researching new technologies and materials
  • Advise on product design and development

This is provided by:

  • A team of specialists that includes design engineers, product designers, business, marketing and other advisors
  • Links to a worldwide network of universities and research organisations

Open Ideas

  • Green Think!Lab are happy to talk to anyone with ideas for eco-innovation.
  • If you have a new idea or concept for an eco-innovative technology, product, service or new business model, please download and complete the enclosed form and return it to us. Green Think!Lab will analyse this to help us understand your idea to see if we can help you.
  • All ideas will be treated as confidential

    Download form


  • Strategy
    • Futures think tanks
  • Innovation
  • Product development
    • Idea generation
    • Concept development
    • Detail design
    • Prototypes
  • Research: completion of desk and primary research surveys
  • Assessment: provision of reports that assess the key environmental impacts of ideas and concepts
  • Brokerage: helping link innovators to public procurers and visa versa
  • Commercialisation: provision of a range of professional support services
  • Demonstration: Green Think!Lab will work with partners on the R&D of ‘Factor X' solutions



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