Marketing Ethics

Marketing and marketers play an important part in the development of corporate strategy and in the responding to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda. Indeed from a sustainability perspective, the boundaries between what was traditionally considered to be “corporate” strategy and “marketing” strategy become blurred. This is because conventional marketing theory views the customer as being interested in the marketing mix of the company (the product, its price, its availability, how it is promoted and customer service) but in little else about it. Sustainability concerns have demonstrated that the customer can also be influenced by the company behind the products and brands they buy. The social and environmental impacts of production processes, and the degree of social responsibility with which companies treat their workers, invest their money and conduct their affairs are now all potentially significant on both the marketing and corporate agenda.

Ethics refers to the study of moral principles, or “right and wrong”, therefore marketing ethics is all about marketers doing the “right thing”. Exactly what the right thing is, is not always completely clear-cut since what is “right” may vary depending on whether you are looking at it from the perspective of the company, its customers or the society in which they both exist. There are however several basic principles involved in ethical marketing :

In marketing ethics particular emphasis is given to safeguarding the interests of vulnerable consumers, such as children and the elderly.

In practice many companies and organisations have attempted to deal with issues of marketing ethics by developing codes of conducts. A good example of a clear code of marketing conduct is the Canadian Marketing Association’s code on information-based marketing.

There are a number of ways to check whether a given marketing strategy or activity is ethical or not. Try and imagine whether or not you would feel comfortable giving an honest explanation of it on Newsnight, to your family or at a marketing conference.
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