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The information resources for Smart: Know-Net have been organised under fifteen separate categories, each under three different headings. Simply click on one of the boxes in the table below to go to links in that section.

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If you are someone who is new to the discipline of marketing and would like to know more about its fundamentals, for an excellent online summary (from an American perspective), please click here.

If you are someone who is new to issues of sustainable development, click here for an introductory guide.

Click here for a library of sustainability resources maintained by the ICAEW.

Marketing Influences
(Marketing Re-Thought)
Marketing Practices
(Marketing Re-Mixed)
Marketing Resources
(Marketing Re-Equipped)
Marketing’s Role in Corporate Strategy & CSR Products, Design & NPD Introduction to Marketing & SD
The Marketing Environment Packaging & Labelling Case Study Examples
Marketing Ethics Promotion & Communications
Consumers & Professional Purchasers Pricing & Distribution Marketing Wisdom
Marketing Research People in Marketing Information Resources