Cities & Regions as Catalysts for Smart & Sustainable Innovation

Part of the ‘Towards Sustainable Product Design’ series of conferences

19th International Conference
3rd-4th November 2014

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Reviewed Papers: Programme and Abstracts


Market Transformation and Policy

New Business Models

Innovation and
Design 1

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Design 2

Case Studies

Chair Michal Miedzinski
Senior Consultant, Technopolis, Belgium
Christian Loewe
Senior Expert, Federal Environment Agency (UBA), Germany
Professor Tim McAloone
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Søren Femmer Jensen
Founder & Director, Co-creative, Denmark
Professor Simon Joss
University of Westminster, UK
10.15 Accelerating the Shift to a Low Carbon Economy: What Kind of Local Leadership do we Need Implementing Product/Service-Systems in Urban Environments: Toward the Co-Evolution of the Universal and Contingent

Sustainable Innovation of Glass Design and Craft Cleanweb: How ICT Creates Environmental, User & Business Value Transgressing Plastic Waste: Designed Disposal Strategic Scenarios
  Dr Fred Paterson
University of Derby, UK
Matthew Cook and Tim C. McAloone

Open University, UK and Danish Technical University, Denmark
Maria Sparre-Petersen

The Royal Danish Acadamy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation School of Design, Denmark
Oriol Pascual Moya-Angeler, Spain
Katarina Dimitrijevic
University for the Creative Arts, UK
Abstracts Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
10:45 The Meaning of Criticality of Resources from a Business Perspective Sustaining Bike-Sharing Systems in China: Case Studies

Driving Behaviour Change Towards Full Ecodesign Integration: Nudging Experiment and Motivational Gatekeepers Empowerment

Design for Resource Effectiveness: Developing Sustainability Considerations for Small Household Appliances

One Planet Living: A Tale of Three UK Urban Sustainability Initiatives

  Sandra Link and Hermann Kloberdanz
Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
Lihong Zhang, Jun Zhang, Zheng-yu Duan and David Bryde
Liverpool John Moores University, Hunan University, Tongji University, UK and China
Fabien Brones, Daniela Pigosso, Marly Monteiro de Carvalho and Tim McAloone
Natura Inovação e Technologia de Produtos Ltda, Brazil
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Dilruba Ogur and Çagla Dogan
Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Simon Joss
University of Westminster, UK
Abstracts Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
11.15 The Catalonia Ecodesign Award: A Tool for Sustainability From Individual Ideation to Collective Incubation: Time for Cities to Get Quirky! Sustainable Design Philosophy Through Material Design with Case Study Examples Development and Application of the “Checklist for Sustainable Product Development” on Innovative Lightweight Technologies Sustainable Governance – Setting Direction and Inspiring Change in a
City Development Corporation
  Yolanda Morcillo Ripoll, Alfred Vara Blanco and Pilar Chiva Rodriguez
Catalan Waste Agency, Spain
Raz Godelnik and Jonathan Jelen

The New School for Design, UK
Päivi Kivikytö-Reponen and Marjaana Karhu
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland
Josef-Peter Schöggl and Rupert J. Baumgartner
University of Graz, Austria
Stefan Book, Björn Gustafsson and Magnus Marmgren
Effort Consulting AB, Sweden
Abstracts Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
11:45 Do Smart Solutions Help Create Sustainable Cities? What Value do Consumers Really Expect of Product Service Systems? The Fuzzy Front End of Sustainable Innovation: a Case Study on the Pulp and Paper Industry

A Study of Member Motivations and Activities in Hackerspaces and Repair Cafés Resilient Renewable Energy Planning in Peripheral Regions: An Architectural Approach Towards Place-Specific Infrastructure in Greenland

  Matthew Cook, Stephen Potter and Per-Anders Langendahl
The Open University, UK
Maurizio Catulli, Matthew Cook and Stephen Potter
Open University, UK
Magdalena Gabriel, Elke Perl-Vorbach and Alfred Posch
University of Applied Sciences, Austria
University of Graz, Austria
Scott Keiller and Professor Martin Charter

University for the Creative Arts, UK
Susan Carruth and Professor Peter Gall Krough
Aarhus Architecture School, Denmark
Abstracts Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
12.15 Sustainable Innovation of Developing Smart Grids Crowdsourcing of Local Thinking for Global Action Through International Competitions Individual Upcycling Practice: Exploring the Possible Determinants of Upcycling Based on Literatures in Craft, Do-It-Yourself, and the Maker Movement Typology of Sky Gardens for High-Rise Urban Living Analysis of the Lifecycle Environmental Impacts from Consumption in Europe

  Sabina Scarpellini, Juan Aranda, A. Aranda-Usón, Eva Llera and Jesús Valero
University of Zaragoza, Spain
Mohamed El Sioufi
Global Housing Strategy, Kenya
Kyungeun Sung
Nottingham Trent University, UK
Tony Ip
Ronald Lu & Partners (Hong Kong) Ltd, Hong Kong
Lars Fogh Mortensen, Almut Reichel and Mike Asquith
European Environment Agency, Denmark
Abstracts Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
12:45 Development of Sustainable Cities: Sequences, Stakeholders and Interaction Seam Separation Technology to Facilitate Re-use and Recycling of Textile Products

Macro to Micro, Mature to Emergent – the Information Flow from Innovators in Fashion Hubs from Northern Cities to Southern Cities. Can Micro Entrepreneurial Innovators in Sustainability Hubs Inform Bite Sized Sustainability Solutions in Globalised Fashion Industry Supply Chains?

Reinventing the Bicycle as an Instrument of Public Health – an Analysis of an Ongoing Reconstruction of Borders Between Sectors and Scales Innovative Development of the Northern City: Case of Yakutsk, Russia

  Professor Thomas Kalling and Dr Jessica Lagerstedt Wadin
Lund University, Sweden
Elaine Durham, Andrew Hewitt, Rob Bell, Stephen Russell
University of Leeds, C-Tech Innovation Ltd, UK
Mo Tomaney
University for the Creative Arts, UK
Morten Elle, Andrés Felipe Valderrama Pineda and Jens Stissing Jensen
Aalborg University, Denmark
Nadezhda Stepanova, Tuyara Gavrilyeva and Nikita Bochkarev
North-Easter Federal University, Russia
Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Abstracts Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract


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