‘State of the Art’ Sustainable Innovation & Design

Part of the ‘Towards Sustainable Product Design’ series of conferences

20th International Conference
9th-10th November 2015
University for the Creative Arts
KT18 5BE

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Reviewed Papers: Programme and Abstracts


Market Transformation

Organisational Dimensions and New Business Models

Sustainable Product Development and
Design 1

Sustainable Product Development and
Design 2

Case Studies

Location Main Lecture Hall M121 – 1st floor M213a – 2nd floor M213b – 2nd floor M207 – 2nd floor
Chair Daniel Kenning
Splendid Engineering
Professor Ab Stevels
Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Professor Robin Roy
Open University, UK
Dr Frank O’Connor
anois, Wales
Professor Branka Dimitrijević
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
10.15 What Role Can Community Energy Play in Transforming The UK Energy Market And Creating a Low Carbon Economy? Towards the Implementation of Truly Circular Supply Chains. Best Practice for the Integration of Social Sustainability into Product Development and Related Processes. Understanding User Motivations and Drawbacks Related to Product Repair. Transforming THTKB into the Brighton Waste House: From Zero Waste to Re-Use of Waste.
S Edwards
D Masi and J Godsell
University of Warwick, UK
D Pigosso and T McAloone
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
N Terzioglu and Dr D Lockton
Royal College of Art, UK
D Baker-Brown
University of Brighton College of Arts & Humanities, UK
Abstracts Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
10:45 Beyond Sustainability. How to Regenerate the Built Environment Using the Living Building Challenge Principles. Designing the Zero Waste Experience. Consumer Product Innovation and Sustainable Design. Towards Sustainable Use and Post-Use: Design Considerations for Small Household Appliances. Aesthetic Design for Minimum Weight: New Approaches for Sustainable Vehicle Development.
C Battisti and P Moschini
Macro Design Studio, Italy
M Kretschmer
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Austria
R Roy
The Open University, UK
D Oğur, C Doğan, Y Bakırlıoğlu and S Turnham
Middle East Technical University, Turkey and University of New South Wales, Australia
M Fickel, PD Ewing, M Conti, A Nahum and D Harrow
Royal College of Art, UK
Abstracts Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
11.15 Design Thinking in the Swedish Wood Products Industry as Enabler for Sustainable Innovation. Business Model Migration: A Process Model – the Ease of Solar Energy Deployment. The Profitability of Ecodesign: An Economic Analysis. Key Resources in Small and Medium Enterprises for Business Model Innovation. Interface: Pioneering an Inclusive Business Partnership.
H De Goey, D Engstrӧm, M Lennartsson and H Linderoth
Jӧnkӧping School of Engineering, Sweden
J Lagerstedt Wadin and K Ahlgren
Lund University, Sweden
D Kane
ENEC (European Network of Ecodesign Centre, France
M Savić
dŠola Ljutomer, Slovenia
H Dietz
Interface, UK
Abstracts Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
11:45 Framing Innovation in the Context of the Circular Economy. Disruptive Innovation – Game Changing Sustainable Insulation for Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Packaging. Opportunities for Sustainable Packaging Design: Learning from Pregnancy as a Metaphor. User-Intensive Cars: Design Barriers and Opportunities for More Sustainable Approaches to Personal Transportation. An Assessment of Differing Environmental and Economic Factors and Their Impact on the Development of a Circular Economy for Refrigerated Display Cabinets in the UK.
F Blomsma
Imperial College, UK
A Morris and K Spilsbury
The Wool Packaging Company Limited, UK
Y Choi, D Lockton, J Stevens and C Brass
Royal College of Art, UK
A Rodrigues, T Cooper and M Watkins
Nottingham Trent University, UK
D Andrews, Z Muranko and I Chaer
London South Bank University, UK
Abstracts Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
12.15 Exploring the Role of Intermediaries in Smart Grid Developments. Future Sustainability and the Socioeconomic Dimension of Digital Fabrication. Repair Cafés: Implications for Product Developers and Designers Social Approaches – A Means for Designers to Foster Sustainable Behaviour. A LCA Protocol for Thermal Mass Based on Overheating in Future Climates.
M Cook, P Langendahl, S Potter, H Roby, T Collins and D Taylor
Open University and Smart Grid Consultancy Limited, UK
A del Puerto Garcia
Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain
S Keiller and M Charter
The Centre for Sustainable Design®, UCA, UK
S Sharma and K Wai Michel Siu
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
A Din and Dr L Brotas
Cass School of Art and Architecture, UK
Abstracts Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
12:45 Louvres, Fins and Windows: the Co-Development of BIPV and Buildings Why Brand Enthusiasm Will Create Demand for More Sustainable Products Taking a Softer Approach: Exploring the Home as a Service Design for Sustainability and Happiness Visualising the North Atlantic Gyre: Co-Creative Depollution Life Cycle Approach and Human Risk Assessment
P Boyd and L Schweber
University of Reading, UK
Dr T Davis
E Doyle, Dr C Escobar-Tello and Dr K Pui Ying Lo
Loughborough University, UK
K Dimitrijevic
University for the Creative Arts, UK
C Som
Empa, Switzerland
Abstracts Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract


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