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Part of the ‘Towards Sustainable Product Design’ series of conferences

16th International Conference
24th – 25th October 2011
Farnham Castle

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Reviewed Papers: Programme and Abstracts


Sustainable Consumption and Production, Market Transformation and Policy

New Business Models and Organisational Dimensions

Sustainable Product Development, Innovation and Methodologies 1

Sustainable Product Development, Innovation and Methodologies 2

Case Studies

Chair Bas de Leeuw

Managing Director,
World Resources Forum,
Dr. Peter Wells,
Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, Wales
Martin Willers
Professor Robin Roy
Department of Design, Development, Environment & Materials, The Open University, UK
Professor Kerstin Mey
Director, Research & Enterprise,
University for the Creative Arts,
10.15 Reframing Sustainable Transport. Biometric Innovation Acceleration Through the V210 Model.

Corporate Clothing Sustainability Product in the Supply Chain. Advancing Sustainable Product Development Through Life cycle Thinking. Delivering Regional Eco-innovation through Knowledge Exchange.
  Stephen Potter, Per-Anders Langendahl and Matthew Cook,
The Open University, UK.
J. Moller and T. Laursen,
Swedish Biomimetics 3000, Denmark.
Camille Wiliams, Dr Claire Orwin and Dr John Williams,

De Montfort University, UK.
Leyla Acaroglu and Tim Grant,
Eco Innovators Pty Ltd, Australia.
C.G. Lambert and A.E.W. Rennie,
Lancaster University, UK.
Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
10:45 Regulating the Energy Efficiency of Games Consoles. Does Sustainable Technology Require Sustainable Business Models? An Automotive Industry Case Study.

Aesthetic Design for Minimum Weight: New Approaches for Sustainable Vehicle Development.

Innovative Life Cycle EcoDesign.

Innovative Life Cycle EcoDesign.

  Amanda Webb,
University of Surrey, UK.
Dr. Peter Wells,
Cardiff Business School, UK.
M. Fickel and P.D. Ewing,
Royal College of Art, UK.
Celia Askham, Anne R. Rønning and Andreas Brekke,
Ostfold Research, Norway.
S. Griffith and M. Williams,
University of New South Wales, Australia.
Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
11.15 Bioplastics Packaging for Enhanced Sustainability of the Food Supply System.

Building PSS Design Model with Theory Of Constraints (TOC). ‘NEST, Readapting a Domestic Landscape’.

I Don’t Want to Drown the Frog! A Comparison of the Effectiveness and Acceptance of Four Design Strategies to Reduce Overdosing of Detergents. Exploring the Durability of Cork Products.
  Richard Coles,
The Open University, UK.
Donghoon “Alf” Bae,
Hongik University, Korea.
Carlos Casimiro da Costa and António Augusto Fernandes,
Universidade do Porto, Portugal.
Henrique Fabião
Universidade do Lusíada, Porto, Portugal.
Karin E. Lidman, Sara E. Renström and I.C. MariAnne Karlsson,
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.
Ana Carina Pereira,
Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal.
Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
11:45 Purchasing Behaviour- ‘Having Material Possessions’ or ‘Having Communication’. Creating Sustainable Solutions with the Application of Natural Phenomena in Product Design: Organic and Fractal Theories. The Complexity of Responsible Design – Key Factors Affecting the Consultant Industrial Designer’s Opportunity to Implement Sustainable Design and Innovation.

Predicting Energy Thieves. Wild Cane Basketwork: a Successful Case Study.

  Jun Fujimoto,
The University of Tokyo, Japan.
Marcus Bertapelli,
Royal College of Art, UK.
Norman Stevenson, Dr. Vicky Lofthouse and Dr. Debra Lilley,
Loughborough University, UK.
Sophie Thornander, MariAnne Karlsson,
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.
Connie Bakker,

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.
Virginia Pereira Cavalcanti, Ana Maria Queiroz de Andrade and Germannya D’Garcia da Silva,
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil.
Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
12.15 Design and Optimisation of a User-Engaged System for Sustainable Fashion. Toward a New Understanding of Environmental Innovation. Corporate Social Responsibility Engagement through Eco-efficiency and Energy Management Training. How Responsible Should/could an Apparel Designer be? Sustainable Design for Grass Roots Craft Production in Eastern Turkey.

  E.S. Hur and K.J. Beverley,
University of Leeds, UK.
Per-Anders Langendahl, Matthew Cook and Stephen Potter,
The Open University, UK.
Sabina Scarpellini, Eva Lledra, Juan Aranda and Miguel Marco,
University of Zaragoza, Spain.
Clare Hussey,
Clothing Industry Research, UK.
Pammi Sinha,
The University of Manchester, UK.
Hazal Gumus and Professor Stuart Walker,
Lancaster University, UK.
Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract
12:45 Tiered Standards and Market Transformation. Assessing Business Strategies Towards Sustainable Consumption. Design of Sustainable Products to be Produced in Low-income Communities in Developing Countries.

Adjustable Agricultural Sprays in Cross Wind. Du Pont Canon Acrylic Solid Surface.

  Sarah O’Brien,
EPEAT/ Green Electronics Council, USA.

Maria Moreno, Dr. Debra Lilley and Dr. Vicky Lofthouse, Loughborough University, UK.

Júlio C. Augusto da Silva,

National Institute of Technology – INT, Industrial Design Devision, Brazil.
D. Ghosh and N. Chauhan,
VIT University, India.
S. Ghosh,
VIT University, India, and ICAS Associate, University of Leeds, UK.
Dr Lyndon Buck,
Buckinghamshire New University, UK.
Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract


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