Martin Charter of The Centre for Sustainable Design has authored, co-authored, edited or co-edited a number of books, book chapters and booklets:

System Innovation for Sustainability 1

Tukker, Charter, Vezzoli, Sto and Anderson, Greenleaf Publishing, 2008 [ISBN 978-1-906093-03-07]

Sustainable Solutions

Charter and Tischner, Greenleaf Publishing, 2001 [ISBN 1-874719-36-5]

Greener Marketing

Charter and Polonsky, Greenleaf Publishing, 1999 [ISBN 1-874719-14-4]

Greener Marketing

Charter, Greenleaf Publishing, 1992 [ISBN 1-874719-00-4]

How to do Eco-design

Tischner, Scmincke, Rubik, Prosler – Charter completed final English editing, Verlag, 2000 [ISBN 3-89802-025-8]

The Green Management Gurus: e-book

Charter, Epsilon Press Ltd, 1996

Towards Sustainable Publishing: e-book

Charter and Woodhouse, Epsilon Press Ltd, 1996

Environmental Management Websites: e-book

Charter and Woodhouse, Epsilon Press Ltd, 1996