Accelerating Sustainability in the Creative Economy and Creative Industries

Online: 24th International Conference
20th - 26th March 2023
Business School for the Creative Industries
University for the Creative Arts
Epsom, UK

Call for Papers


Sustainable Innovation 2023 will provide a platform to discuss how sustainability does and will impact on business models, products, services, technologies, innovation within the Creative Economy and Creative Industries. Sustainable Innovation 2023 will include invited and refereed papers from academics, consultants, entrepreneurs, technology providers, designers, and innovation and sustainability directors. The international conference will create a unique space for learning, networking, and thinking. Delegates will come globally from large companies, SMEs, and start-ups, as well as academia, government, and non-governmental organisations. Sustainable Innovation 2023 is supported by a high level, expert Advisory Board and is the 24th in a series of international conferences related to innovation and sustainability that have been organised since mid-nineties.

Creative Economy and Creative Industries

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’s (UNCTAD) Creative Economy Programme has defined the creative economy as an evolving concept that relies on ‘knowledge-based economic activities’ upon which the Creative Industries are situated. In this context, the Creative Industries are defined by the UK Government’s Department for Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) as ‘those industries which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and which have the potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property.’ There are thirteen sub-sectors under the term ‘Creative Industries’ which include: advertising; architecture; crafts; design; fashion; film and video; Createch; music; the performing arts; publishing; software and computer games; and television and radio. The growth of the sector has been significant over recent years despite Covid-19. In the UK, for example, the Creative Industries were predicted to grow much faster than the rest of the UK economy, with an expected Gross Value Add (GVA) of around £300bn, with exports expected to exceed £100bn by 2030. 



Time for Acceleration?

To accelerate sustainability in the Creative Economy and the Creative Industries there is a need for:

Conference topics

Sustainable Innovation 2023 welcomes conceptual and research-based papers focused on how sustainability does and will impact on business models, innovation, and the Creative Economy and Creative Industries. This can include specific papers related to sustainable innovation in: advertising; architecture; crafts; design; fashion; film and video; television; music; performing arts; theatres; publishing; computer games; Createch; and television and radio. Papers should cover sustainability, business models, products, services and/or technology design and development, and commercialisation related to the following:


Sustainable Innovation 2023 will provide a range of benefits to speakers and delegates:

  • Unique
  • Leading-edge

  • Content
  • Networking
  • Track-record

Forum for new thinking, ideas, and concepts
Presentations from key international researchers, practitioners, and policymakers
New research, results and thinking
Opportunities to meet leaders from business, government, and academia
Over 3500 delegates from over 50 countries have attended previous events

Submission details
Email 500-word abstracts to describing your proposed paper by 4th July 2022. The abstract will then be reviewed by the Advisory Board and authors will receive feedback. The highest ranked papers will be invited to present at the conference. Conference proceedings will have an ISBN and an edited book will be produced. Please only submit abstracts if you have budgets to attend the conference.


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