The Centre for Sustainable Design ® (CfSD) organises the internationally recognised ‘Sustainable Innovation’ series of conferences which is in its 21st year (2016) and has attracted over 2000 delegates from over 50 countries.

CfSD has organised and co-organised conferences in Europe, North America and Asia covering sustainable innovation andproduct sustainability. In addition, events have been organised with partners on new or emerging issues eg. major European and Asian conferences on sustainable consumption & production (SCP), ecodesign and product-service-systems (PSS).

CfSD has also set up and facilitated a range of expert workshops related to sustainable innovation and product sustainability with a particular focus on green electronics, packaging, marketing, corporate social responsibility (CSR), electronic reporting, ‘producer responsibility’ legislation and product policy.




#Net_Hack_Challenge UCA Farnham 26th-27th October 2016
Sustainable Innovation 2016 UK 7th-8th November 2016
Farnham Repair Café Farnham, UK 12th November 2016
Makers, Modifiers & Fixers UCA Farnham, Farnham 1st February 2016
Sustainable Innovation 2015 University for the Creative Arts, Epsom, UK 9th-10th November 2015
Sustainability: ‘Real World Projects’ Farnham, UK 6th & 8th May 2015
UCA Swishing Party Farnham, UK 7th May 2015
UCA Pop-up Repair Café Farnham, UK 5th May 2015
GREENTHINK! : JAMMING REPAIR UCA Farnham, Farnham, Surrey 21st November 2014
Sustainable Innovation 2014 KADK, Copenhagen, Denmark 3rd-4th November 2014
ReUCA: Re-use and Re-imagination for a more Sustainable Future FUSION UCA Farnham, Farnham, Surrey 24th September 2014
Funding for Eco-innovative SMEs UCA Farnham, Farnham, Surrey 6th June 2014
Makers & Fixers: Circular Economy & Grassroots Innovation UCA Farnham, Farnham, Surrey 3rd June 2014
Circular Economy & Industrial Networks UCA Farnham, Farnham, Surrey 24th March 2014
#GreenHack_Challenge UCA Farnham, Farnham, Surrey 4th-5th March 2014
Sustainable Innovation 2013 University for the Creative Arts, Epsom, UK 4th-5th November 2013
Business Opportunities and the Circular Economy FUSION UCA Farnham, Farnham, Surrey 16th October 2013
Walking the Talk FUSION UCA Farnham, Farnham, Surrey 4th October 2013
Design Challenges for a Circular Economy FUSION UCA Farnham, Farnham, Surrey 1st August 2013
TSB Resource Efficiency Funding Briefing FUSION UCA Farnham, Farnham, Surrey 11th March 2013